Cyprus holiday experience, the ultimate experience.

Step in Cyprus and you will be amazed by the beauty of the island. Full in history, culture and astonishing places that are just waiting for you to explore them. Whether you ‘re looking for happy holidays or wellness tourism destination, evidently Cyprus is by far the best destination. There are ample opportunities to tailor your holidays in Cyprus, suiting surely your interest and preferences perfectly.  Without doubt, your Cyprus holiday will be always memorable to you and your companions.

Happy Holidays

Wedding tourism_ Cyprus holiday

Wedding tourism

If you’re dreaming of a honeymoon destination, Cyprus is the one. Expect lush grounds and pristine swaths of sands, picturesque sceneries and beautiful venues to make your wedding dreams true. Further, there is a range of resorts and specialist companies providing impeccable service to arrange every detail of an unforgettable wedding.

cultural & historical tourism _ Cyprus holiday

Cultural and historical tourism

Cyprus is full of long history and rich culture, evidently by the many historical museums, fascinating cultural sights, and monuments. Cyprus is situated at the crossroads of three continents and with visible remnants of their passages; including Egyptians, Romans, British, Franks Venetians. As a result, you will definitely love the cultural heritage of the location.

Nature explorer tourism

Are you called traveler and obsess finding the best Insta-perfect locations? Then Cyprus is one of the islands you should definitely visit. With an emphasis from the Cypriot to live in an environment that supports and embraces preservation, you will get an opportunity to see the beauty of nature’s best palette. Award-wining coasts, perfectly textured mountains, fragrant forest and beautiful thematic routes, for instance, are few things that all will delightfully enjoy.

Networking tourism

Convention tourism

Each year, conferences brings together practitioners from all over the world on the islands. In fact, business owners, hundreds of experts, and millionaires had the chance to enjoy the island and attend in meetings and conferences.

Wellness tourism

Culinary tourism_Cyprus holiday

Culinary tourism

Cyprus is a tiny island, that undoubtedly will offer you one of the biggest culinary adventure you could have. In brief, there are spectacular restaurants around the island that are serving fresh local cuisines, big gastronomic delicacies and exceptional Mediterranean tastes. In fact, every social event, from festivals to family gatherings … they are all marked with its own distinct cultural recipes.

Sports tourism

Sports tourism

There is not better place to prepare and practicing for the sport you love in Cyprus since there is always a pleasant climate. Through the years, the island was host of teams and sportspersons from all over the world. This includes endurance athletes, European football squads, athletes and more. Living in Cyprus almost-guaranteed daily sunshine. Thus, make it the perfect island to prepare and inspire success for the coming season.

Dental tourism_Cyprus holiday

Dental tourism

Enjoy the perfect holidays while receiving dental treatment in a much more affordable price. In fact, Cyprus offers dental treatments are at a fraction of the prices of comparable services within places around the world like the UK, Austria and USA. Hence, don't let your dental budget get out of hand. Book your trip now.

Religional tourism_Cyprus holiday

Religious tourism

The ecclesiastical monuments, museums, and the unique churches, will allow every visitor to meet his/her spiritual and religious needs. Visit now Cyprus and get a taste for one of the most religious and spiritual adventure.

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Why Cyprus is the best destination in the world?


Statistics have shown that Cyprus enjoys about 326 days of sunshine each year. As a result, it makes it the perfect place to visit!

Low rates of criminal

Cyprus is officially reported to have one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The island secures undeniably your safety and welfare of you and your companions

Delicious food

Eating in Cyprus is serious bsiness. You'll rarely leave a restaurant and not satisfy by the quantity and quality of the food.

Geographical Place

Situated at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the ideal place to stop for flights travels through other countries.

Exciting Nightlife

Having endless fun and relaxed times is guaranteed once you step on the island. In general, all tourist areas have a plethora of places for exciting nightlife. These includes nightclubs, bars, festivals, concerts, beach parties, dance shows, and more.

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